From church ware to swords to brass beds, we can polish and lacquer all of your brass and copper objects. Fire fenders, fire screens, andirons, table lamps, fire tool sets, trays, sconces, vases, chandeliers, brass tables, plaques, nautical memorabilia, etc. You name it we have probably done it..


Our custom finishes allow you to update your existing hardware without losing the integrity and authenticity unique to your home, allowing you to update without replacement. Not only do we restore your front door hardware (including door knobs, knockers, thresholds, mailboxes, backplates, lever handles, kickplates, hinges, drawer- pulls, window cranks, window latches, window lifts, bathroom accessories and anything else you can think of!!!!) Choose from any of our custom finishes:

Polished Brass




  •    Soft Finish- this polished brass look allows for the clean look of polished brass with a softer side. Typically used on hardware for older homes to convey a traditional look.



  • Bright Finish-this highly polished look allows for a crisp new look. This look is used on new homes for a fresh look.

  • Oil-rubbed Bronze- this is a brushed medium brown coloration.

  • Oil-rubbed Dark- this is an evenly ebony/ dark brown

  • Brushed Nickel- matte finish, gray/ silver color.



* Urethane Coating- Finn’s offers a urethane coating on door hardware and other items that are exposed to the elements or are under continuous stress and use. This finish is much more durable than our lacquer finish, but not necessary on all items, as there is an additional charge for it. Urethane is excellent on marine decorative brass, faucet sets, brass beds or anything under duress.