Don’t you just dip it?

Unfortunately, our process is a lot more involved than most people suspect. Dipping your precious item in an acidic bath can be very traumatic to the piece, even altering the composition of the metal in some cases. Therefore, we go to great links to not create additional stress to your valued possession. Solutions seep into crevices and pores and are difficult to completely neutralize, in addition solutions actually etch the metal, not polish it.


Will lacquering de-value my piece?



  • The answer to this question is NO! In the mid- 1950’s a popular antique dealer began to say that lacquering metal was detrimental to the value of an object. This was not founded on any factual information- just his opinion, apparently he hadn’t heard of paint remover. If for some reason you do not like the thought of having your item lacquered, after it has been done- just bring it back to us and we can remove the lacquer, leaving it in its original form. If this is not an option, then fingernail polish remover will do the job. Lacquers and paints protect metals and will not harm them.




Will re-silverplating my piece de-value it?


  • This statement has more foundation, but in most cases is still not true. There is only one instance that silverplating can de-value a piece and that is if the original plate is of the Sheffield Process (not makers, necessarily). This is the name of the silverplating process, pre- electroplating. We have spent many years learning to recognize these pieces, although they are very rare. In almost every other case, re-silverplating increases the value of your piece, even if not monetarily, it will increase the usefulness and life of your piece.



Can lacquering be undone?


  • YES! If by some chance, you are unhappy with your decision to have you item lacquered, through a very simple process we can take off the lacquer, bringing it back to its raw form. And again, if you can not bring it back to us for removal, fingernail polish remover will do the job.